Aylmer Rod & Gun Club: Photos...

Bob Valcov with great spring black bear.
Gerald, Joe, Keith & Don. 2021 moose.
Andy & Sam with limit of gees!
Bob Valcov with morning bag of Ruffed & Spruce Grouse, with son Greg.
Andy's 2019 buck.
Bob Valcov guides Jesse G. to his first buck.
Krysta's 2019 Buck.
Bob Valcov: "A nice young buck and a whitetail."
Eric and his 20 lb. salmon!
Andy with his gorgeous laker!
Bob Valcov and nephew-in-law Sebastian G. with the lad's first buck.
Youth hunting & safety course: April 2018.
Baptiste & Samuel with their very first turkeys taken only one week after the boys passed our Initiation To Hunting Course. 'Way to go!
Alex's monster Quebec black bear.
Bob Valcov and Uncle Tom.
Roman and his beautiful Newfoundland moose.
Bob Valcov and  25 geese, 7 ducks. Yes there were other hunters!
Initiation to Hunting Course, 2014.
Don Lafleur with his 30-inch lake trout.
Initiation to Fishing Course 2014.
Initiation to Fishing Course 2014.
Allen Casey with his wild turkey.
Don Lafleur, Gerald DeMontigny & Keith Clarke on the hunt for moose.
Sunrise at moose camp.
ARGC's 25th Anniversary lapel pin produced in 1984.
One that didn't get away!
Dinner time at the moose camp.
Bob Valcov, his granddaughters and a few grouse.
Fred Pratt, Gaston Goulet, Roman Pillwein, Henri Lacasse, Gary Tennison and Bob Valcov at the Connaught shooting range.
Allen's grandson trying archery.
Roman Pillwein with his Wildebeest and friend.
Roman Pillwein with his nice Caribou.
Bob Valcov: wild boar hunt.
ARGC - 50th Anniversary shirt: 2009.
Time to go fishing.
Bob & Greg Valcov: Canada Geese.
Don Lafleur with his Saskatchewan whitetail.
Bob Valcov with Fred's bull.
Lucky youth at ARGC Initiation to Fishing Day!
Nice treestand.
Bob Valcov: Kipawa bull.
Roman Pillwein with his warthog.
Bob Valcov with two Alberta whitetails.
Our Initiation To Fishing Course.
Nicole with sister-in-law at Otter Lake.
Everyone is a winner at our Initiation To Fishing Course.
Henri Lacasse and Rod Carreau during our Initiation To Hunting Course.
Jean Provost, Linc Anderson and Bob Valcov after successful wild turkey hunt.
Gregory Valcov with his first Quebec Black Bear.
Lac Rond (or Lac Miquenne or Lac #287): beautiful with any name!
Keith & Saskatchewan whitetail.
Jennifer and her O'Sullivan Lake pike.
Allen stalking.
Pierre and his big pike.
Enthusiastic beginner at our Initiation to Fishing Course.
Henri Lacasse, Bob Valcov and the class of 2015.
Rod & Noella at our 2017 Christmas Party, with Rod's new friend!

Members of the ARGC may send their photographs to: valcov@videotron.ca